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BDI was built off the backs of all the customers who trusted CM and his company enough to send him their hard-earned money and metal in exchange for the services that he advertised.  Now it's clear that he used our money and the money that he received from selling our bullion to new customers to start new companies that would help him hide our investments from us.  It's past time that an independent audit of these companies be performed in order to calculate their value and estimate how much more of our investments will still be missing after their liquidation.  So many errors in the Schedules submitted to the BK court prove that neither Bensimon nor Martinec are capable of serving the interest of the customer base.  So why are they still on our payroll?  I want them fired and I want all of these companies that still belong to Charles H. McAllister investigated and liquidated.  Notice that the startup dates of all these companies correspond to the dates that our assets began to surreptitiously disappear.  The connection is obvious.

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