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Originally Posted by TTom
So maybe a dumb question but... why haven't these guys been arrested for grand theft? [mad]

Because it takes time to make a good case.

Ask yourself this -- you say he stole from you, but he says "I'm sorry officer, I was running a business, and owed more than I had -- there is no crime in that. Businesses file for bankruptcy every day. If I start a business and pay all my bills on a credit card and cannot make the payments, can I be arrested? No? Then why are you arresting me?"

So part of the issue is finding out what laws he broke. And for all we know at this point, he could have been completely clueless, and someone else -- a criminal mastermind -- was behind the whole thing for all those years, and made millions. Now if Charles got arrested and that was the case, he could sue for false arrest.

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