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This should keep a nosey thief (or anyone else) from digging further [smile]

That... is... awesome.

So to the extent I'll make any comment about what I've done / am doing, I never said I put all my eggs in one basket :-).  As I started pulling in paper claims, the cost of insuring a private residence for a bullion collection (especially one about to show up in public filings) begins to skyrocket - so I hedged some of that risk into a safe deposit box, that I could then insure much (much) cheaper.  Yes, in the event of government confiscation or bank shut-down, this puts some of my assets at risk, but as a part of my portfolio, it's a small percentage, and I do still have a laundry basket and chocolate...

Don't take advice blindly from some internet nobody - you don't know what my interests are or what game I'm playing in the long term - and if in complete lack of trust, the "ol' rectal hole" is indeed the only answer a fiduciary could give you.

Or, perhaps more colloquially, 'keep enough in your safe to bribe the guard at the vault'.

Good hunting all.

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