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Sincitylife》Please don't tell me BD has been operating like a ponzi scheme! BD needs to change their Catalog to read "out of stock"...not "delayed". I've been dealing with BD for years but stopped after that horrid PM storage policy change. The worse feeling is the unknown....and BD has been intentionally keeping folks in the dark/the runaround. I was planning to purchase more silver today because spot silver is under $23 right now! :shock:
Now I must resort to hitting up my local coin/we buy gold/pawn shops...but I really doubt they are dumb enough to sell me silver near spot....but I'm willing to pay a premium to have the silver in my hands so I can sleep at night.
BD....you have the floor now....please address your loyal customers.

We apologize for the delays in some of your orders.

SinCityLife, we take deep offense at your accusation of a Ponzi scheme (especially since 13 years of business and fulfilled orders speaks otherwise). Delays have affected the entire industry and this has happened multiple times in recent years. Each time, Bullion Direct has honored every legitimate claim to metal by our customers, and we will continue to do so.

We are sending out a large batch of orders today (as we did yesterday) and will provide an in-depth update this evening or over the weekend at the latest. We have even upgraded many of your products with premium bullion bars and rounds in order to expedite orders.

BullionMaster should be providing the update.
Conclusion: My assumption proved valid!

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Originally Posted by sincitylife
 We have even upgraded many of your products with premium bullion bars and rounds in order to expedite orders.  

I love this statement.  BD was probably clearing out the vault of whatever IRA silver it had at the time to fulfill these orders that required delivery of the product.  Nothing is more disruptive to a Ponzi than when more people start to pull out assets rather than just depositing them.
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