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We are new to the forum, having just joined.  We are listed as an creditor (IRA) with Equity (formerly Sterling Trust) as the Custodian.

We were in contact with an attorney in Dallas, TX who specializes in cases such as ours.  Due to the monies involved, we would like to know if anyone is interested in joining together to have her represent us in an attempt to recover our precious metals and any cash on hand.   She wanted to attend the meeting next Tuesday, but due to the expense involved, we decided to wait and see what are options were based on the outcome and also attempt to see if anyone would be interested in joining together to lower the cost (one of her suggestions).

She offered several options, up to and including the possibility of holding the Custodian responsible.  She was responsive in that we emailed her on a Friday or Saturday and she emailed us on Sunday.  When talking with her on Monday, she had already talked with the BD's attorney and had a lot of info on the case, i.e. did research ahead of our talk.

Her rate is $425/hour.  With just ten people joining, the rate would be as low as $42.50/hr,  twenty people, $21.25/hour, and so forth. 

If you are interested, please send us a private message.  Our involvement, like anyone else interested, would be contingent upon the number of people interested in joining (cost), and the options available based on the outcome of next weeks meeting.   

Our next contact with her will be sometime after the meeting and she will let us know options involved and approximate costs.  Once we know that, we "all" can decide and go from there.

We have NOT retained her, all contingent on the above.

Her info, for researching on your own is as follows:
Attorney Contact Info/Web Site: 

Lyndel Anne Mason/Vargas

900 Jackson, Suite 570 
Dallas, Texas  75202-4425 
214-573-7399 fax

Hopefully we set up the private message correctly.  If you do not get a response from us within 24 hours please let us know.

We are not attorney's and not providing any legal advice.

Thank you.


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