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I think you've nailed it, tboll.  We're all being played like flutes.

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Originally Posted by tboll
JG, this is probably all a set up for Dan coming back and saying he will have to hire addition analysts (from his company) in order to more accurately identify creditors and amounts owed.  Maybe he can write up his bankruptcy "plan" even without accurate specific figures so that he can claim his $100,000 Bonus and yet still keep the estate in limbo for a year or so while they drain the residuals.  When they stated early on that the Bankruptcy was terribly "complex" wasn't that just another way to say that it will be terrible EXPENSIVE to process?

Well, he has opened up a huge can of worms.

It may be hard for him to justify hiring his firm, after the sloppy list of creditors it filed (e.g. listing $4M in claims twice by accident, not including totals in some columns, and forgetting(?) to include the amount owed to 99% of creditors). He was aware that there were creditors missing, and as far as I can tell did nothing to show that (e.g. a generic "unable to accurately determine the probable amounts of the many thousands of claims" rather than adding a precise "there were some claims that we are aware of that are not yet listed").

With an objection already filed to hiring Joe Martinec as an attorney, and the 21-day period for objections to hiring Dan Bensimon's company, there is a chance they may not even see a penny.


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Don't forget Mr Bishop from District Attorney's Office White Collar Task Force / Special Prosecution Division. I hope to hear from someone soon if FBI takes over or it stays with DA's office.  If/when I ever get a call I'll make sure they are aware of this site and the recent details.

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