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I had a bad dream last night. I was in jail for a murder that I didn't commit and I tried to escape.  I was discovered in the laundry chute under some clothes.  The penalty for attempting to escape was the guillotine, face up. Guards put me in a Ford F-150 truck to take me to cut my head off.  

To be exculpated, I was explaining to prison employees including prison doctors that I was innocent of murder.  No one believed me or cared.  I acknowledged I was guilty of the escape attempt but I did not kill anyone. 

I told them to ask the warden/Governor Edwin Edwards to pardon me. 
I  promised not to try to escape again.  
As they were carting me off to be decapitated, I woke up , not startled , just a gentle "where the hell am I and how did I get here?".

It means life is not fair.  You can be punished without wrongdoing and rewarded for criminal activity.  


I was discovered in the laundry chute under some clothes.  (Money Laundering)  

Guillotine = weighted metal 

guilty of escape attempt= trying to reduce my tax burden and hedge against inflation with a gold IRA

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years for Fraud. (F-150)  

prison employees and doctors=government officials and lawyers

Edwin Edwards is the former longtime Louisiana Governor that went to federal prison for illegal deals concerning the Louisiana casinos. Edwards was found guilty on seventeen counts including racketeeringextortionmoney launderingmail fraud and wire fraud.

In the dream Edwards has all the power but is a crook.   

I am anxious about a “crook" stealing my weighted precious metal and subconsciously want to have him harmed.  So my unconscious put me in jail for murder before I could act on it. 

Ironically, the “crook" is in charge of letting me out.  

shooter magaven

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I ran across Edwards several times while he was in the inmate camp at FDC Oakdale. He stayed in the Law Library reading most every day.
If Chuck M. gets the quiet vacation that Edwards got, it will be a Travesty of Justice. But he will likely get even less time and a better facility with 250 cable/satellite chanels, gormet food, and a private bedroom (aka cell).
Federal facilities are like summer camp.
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