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Originally Posted by bull123
JG ... with all respect ... you are possibly the only person on this very informative site, that believes they should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Remember, at this point, Bullion Universe is the one known source of potential revenue that could pay back creditors. If nobody gives it the benefit of the doubt, it will be impossible to get any money from it.

Originally Posted by bull123
but why isn't CM in a prison cell ???

Wrong question. The correct question is "why isn't CM in a prison cell yet?"

Unfortunately, the way our legal/justice system works, you never know for sure if/when action will be taken until either you hear something or enough time has passed to safely assume that no action was taken. We do know that there is/was at least one criminal investigation and is/was at least one governmental civil investigation. Given what happened -- a massive fraud -- it is hard to imagine that the government has given up. It took a year and a half in the Tulving case from the time it ended until we knew about a criminal indictment (and there the Secret Service had a head start, which the FBI doesn't seem to have had in this case). So it does take time, and yes, it's possible they shrugged their shoulders and gave up. There is just no way to know.

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