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Thank you for starting this forum.  

I'm one more that used Bullion Direct for many years with no problems.  Now, I'm very worried that I'll never see the silver and gold that I paid for and had stored in my account.  I saw the notice on the BD site on Friday June 26 and immediately put in a draw for all my holdings.  

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I put in a draw for 12 one-ounce Gold American Eagles on May 4.  I have contacted them several times, and I did get one non-automated response on June 1.  It said:


Order T5YHW8IPF8 has the release date of 2015-05-05.  Most orders ship within a few business days of the release date, however we are experiencing typical delays of approximately 6 weeks due to the delays noted in the announcement on our site.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We will send an email with the tracking information for your order on the day it ships.

As you can see we are well past the typical 6 week delay.  They have not responded to any other of my attempts to contact them through their site, by email, or by phone.  It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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Wow, this whole thing has just caught me with my proverbial britches down. Like most, I've used BD for years and been very happy, even recommended to others. I just checked in for some price comparisons (at less than $16, silver is a great bargain) and saw the "suspension of operations" note.

Thanks to JG for being on the case here, this is new territory for me. I thought this was a solid company, with a unique business model. I've got over $8k in silver on the books there, this is gonna hurt. I hope to join in any collective action that might be useful, looking for any suggestions on individual tactics. In guess Wall St. doesn't have a monopoly on jackals.
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